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Veg Community Promotion

Let us know about your community here!

Add Me Veg
pink rose
<lj user="addmeveg">

An add me community specifically aimed at vegetarians and vegans.
I love my omnivore friends, but sometimes its nice to have fellow veg*ns on one's friends list, swap recipes, discuss dinner ideas, and share ideals about animal welfare and animal protection and for the love of all that is good, not have to explain yourself about your dietary choices (unless you wish to).

Promises to be a friendly, nonsnarky, drama free place, we're all of similar ideology.

Look forward to seeing you over there!

(no subject)
I recently started a community for people to share their stories of non-vegan experiences, rather than taking them to the usual places (i.e. VP) to avoid melt-downs of epic varieties. I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about.


(no subject)
Hello there! I just created a community for vegan people who are interested in diet tips. Those who are not vegans but want to be are welcome too. It's not only for people with eating disorders, it's for anyone who wants to eat healthy and lose weight or maintain it. If you are interested please join http://community.livejournal.com/skinnyvegans. I need members to get it started so we can help each others and encourage people to go vegan!

Vegan Review Podcast!!!

blog - subscribe to just the podcasts via a feed - @ last.fm

syndicated at vegan_reviews

::edit:: i'm going to include some existing communities in this post.
vegreview oldest of the three, very organized tags.

veggiereview 2nd oldest.

veganreview newest. this community has moderated posting. (i think it might be defunct. no new posts since 2007.)

vegancooking also allows product reviews. we have tags to archive the reviews of the past. it's under -vegan reviews-[and then there are a few different categories to choose from.] the tags are viewable on the sidebar of the community. (this community also has moderated posting, but there are at least a half dozen moderators to approve posts.)

Hola!. Acabo de crear una comunidad para compartir recetas vegetarianas (veganas, ovolactas, etc) en español, los invito a darse una vuelta :D


Hello!, I have just created a community to share vegetarian recipes in spanish, I invite you all to visit it! :D


Is it Vegan? Wiki
Have you ever emailed a company and gotten an ingredients list to figure out if something was vegan or not? Did you ever find out if a particular company had shady or good labor practices?

A couple of friends and I started a wiki called Is it Vegan? We really haven't done anything at all with it because of our busy schedules as of late, although that should change in the new year. However, we want it to be a community based wiki where everyone has a say in what goes into the wiki. It's not just for vegan food either: it's for products, companies, specific ingredients, and even ideas.

So this is where I ask for the help of veganpeople: if you have ever gotten an ingredients list please sign up and join and add it. We aren't officially launching yet, because there is no data in there, but this is where you come in. It will be nice to have one central place to collect all the information we've been collecting on companies and products over the years.

In addition, we are looking for a graphics designer and an additional person to help with quality control and maintenance. If you are interested, please let me know!

crossposted to a veganpeople and isitveg

(If you have any problems with the site, let me know!)

ok, i figured it was time NJ had it's own veg community.
now the philly and NYC communities won't be so cluttered with all the NJ stuff. :-)



Self-explanatory. Come join the awesomeness.

Veg Travel
me reading
Hello! Just starting a new community that I think some of you here may be interested in! It is called veg_travel

From the info page:

"This community is for people who like to eat veg and who also like to travel.

Post about your travels, specifically any vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurants you've enjoyed!

You may also post about veg restaurants in your home town, so that anybody traveling there will know about it!

Pictures welcome but not necessary."

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

Vegan knitters - revived
vegan_knitters is for anyone who knits with non-animal materials. It has existed for a while, but went quiet for a bit. Now i've got my arse into gear and given it a proper userinfo page, so feel like it is worth promoting a bit. It has a fairly general remit - asking for advice, posting FOs and yarn pr0n, probably anything you'd do in any other knitting community apart from the whole hurting sheep* thing.

*or goats, rabbits, silkworms, etc. And certainly no yarn with fox fur in, of all the stupid bloody pointless places to put bits of dead animal, grr...

Vegan Meetups!
lauren, steaks
 Hi all! I just wanted to let you know about a new community I started that you might be interested in- http://community.livejournal.com/veganmeetups/

I have recently started arranging meetups at restaurants in my own city to try and make new vegan friends. It has worked out so well, that I thought having a single place for people to go to to meet likeminded people in their area would be great. Feel free to join if you are interested, and don't forget to start posting for a meetup in your area! 

vegan pcos community

for vegans with polycystic ovarian syndrome to share experinces, ask advice or anything else you would like to do with this.

New Veg*n Community for Floridians!
Never Again
Hey Everyone,

I hope this is allowed (and if it's not, let me know so I may delete it). I have just started a new community called sunshine_veg for those of us living in the state of Florida looking for a more local vegetarian/vegan community. I've made it in hopes of finding and lending support to other individuals in the Florida area who have either already become vegetarian/vegan or are looking for more information in order to become veg*n. Whether you live in Pensacola or Key West, you are MORE than welcome to join the community so long as you are a Floridian with an active interest in veg*nism!

Positive veg*ns only, troublemakers need not apply.

Hope you all join and tell your friends! Spread the word so we can make this community great! :)

ADD [Bad username: sunshine_veg&quot;]!!!

Cross-posted to a few places.

(no subject)
food - coconut cake
Hey everyone! I create a new community just for vegans (vegetarians also welcome) where we can discuss living naturally without having to constantly defend ourselves from milk/meat apologists.

It's green_vegan. I'm also looking for a couple other people to help me moderate also, so if you're interested please let me know!

(no subject)
Are you a vegan in high school? Feel isolated? So do we! Join http://community.livejournal.com/highschoolvegan/ so we can bemoan the lack of other vegans at our schools and talk about anything high school/vegan-related! (Vegetarians and etc. are welcome too.)

cinefila_icons//you&#39;re beautiful
If there are any Vegan/Vegetarian graphics makers out there, then here is a icon challenge community for you! It's dedicated to icons of celebrities who have chosen to be animal friendly. The challenge themes can range from actors, musician, public figures, animal friendly companies, PSA's and animal photos. This community branches out from celebrities cause lets face it there aren't that many "bigger" named people in this walk of life.

Check out: vegie_chllg

Daily Vegan Facts
A simple resource for many persons, vegans and otherwise. :)

Antioch Homecoming 2007 4
Just created a new community for Pittsburgh-area vegans and vegetarians:


(no subject)
mood swing
vegan_de german ;9
vegan_int international, for people asking questions on different countries and the situation over there

(no subject)

for information pertaining to animal rights, veganism, protests, demos, actions. for vegans only.

Come join...
TV Buff
Brand new community. veganonavoyage. Please come join. It's going to have lots of information, websites, and recipes to help you as a vegan get through your every day life.


New vegan fashion community!

I've started a new community.
Come and join and post your favorite vegan fashion finds!


(no subject)
newenglandvegan :)

(no subject)
animals:  lbt - dinosaur &amp; cherry

vegan review comm. come join & review lots of products!

Natural Fiasco!
New community made after I decided there needs to be more info and do's and don'ts about everything organic/vegetarian, or pertaining to natural health care. It seems all you ever get is "did you check the memories/faq/prev. entries" bit. So ask away! share, promote, debate!


How has your journey into natural living gone?
Share it here

all the ups, downs, failures, successes, best and worst of the things you or anyone else has tried to enhance their life [naturally!]

koalas are weak little bitches
I was looking for a juicing community on lj, but the only ones seem pretty inactive.

So I made juicingjamboree for anyone who juices and would like to share with fellow juicers. :D

new baking community
sweet vegan
Shockingly enough, there are no vegan baking communities on LJ! So I started one. :)

Come on by [info]thesweetvegan and start swapping animal-friendly baking recipes! Everybody's welcome.

(no subject)
mirry by ryan
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A new group with picture instructions to lovely vegetarian dishes


Vegan Chamber of Commerce
cats eye
reposted from my email -Lynn

The Vegan Chamber of Commerce (www.veganchamber.org) is a new organization dedicated to the commerce of vegan businesses, professionals, and service providers. Our goal is to create a worldwide central directory of vegan commerce, a support network for vegan entrepreneurs, and provide education about the vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of services to our members and the general public. The center of our website is our business directory which allows businesses to be searched via categories, location, or keyword, reviewed by patrons, and offer printable online coupons. We offer a business forum for the discussion of vegan commerce, and a link to a vegan social forum. Our iVegan community is a "MySpace' like website where vegans can create profiles and connect with other vegans. Very soon we will have our all vegan classifieds and employment board up and running.

Please visit our site and consider listing your business or service. Our "Member Benefits" page will describe in greater detail the services we offer and how joining can help your business. In addition, do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have.

Very Best Regards,

The Vegan Chamber of Commerce

a journal to read all communities at once
of course you yourself would have to be a member of specific communities to see friends-only entries. but still. this way you at least don't have to add all the communities to your own friends list.

i initially created it to check on crossposts for vegancooking, but i'm sure it could be utilized for many-many things. maybe if you're bored and want to read anything vegan? *shrug*

allvegancomms. (unfortunately it was too late to change the name to "all veg communities" to be more inclusionary. aah well. close enough.)


and there are filters too. but i forgot to write them down, and i'm too lazy to log in right now. :-) i'll get them soon and edit the entry. feel free to poke me if you really want access to them, or have ideas other than "cooking", "vegan-only", "vegetarian-only" and "regional" :-)

are there any communities that i've missed? i know, 151 communities. kind-of ridiculous. no wonder there's so much crossposting.

anyway, feel free to use the friends list as you wish.

(and similarly, feel free to use supercarrotcake's friends list if all you care about is food. that one also has all the personal recipe journals and blog feeds that i'm aware of. and that one is more likely to be updated with new journals much more regularly.)


(no subject)

New community for veg*ns in Columbus and the surrounding areas. :)

(no subject)
come join nuttyvegan! lots of good recipes there.

new veggie community...
so i have a lot of friends who eat meat but are interested in learning about the veg lifestyle.

here we can trade recipes, share news stories, ask interesting questions... whatever. there is a huge possiblity to convert some of my friends on the verge of making the leap...

join veggie_bitches

make it your own. do with it what you please.
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New Community! :)

I started a new community a while ago and just wanted to extend my invitation to anyone interested in joining. The URL is: http://www.livejournal.com/community/freethinknvegan/

Anyone is welcome. It is catered to vegans who are free from and/or questioning religion/religious institutions. It's also for discussing anything that's listed within the interests of the community's user info. Anything related to the interests is welcome too of course. ;)

Take care!

Community for vegans with IBS
* If this is against the rules, please delete the post. I checked the user info but couldn't find anything.

I just created a community for vegans (vegetarians are welcome too) with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Meat and other animal products can be a huge trigger for most IBS sufferers, but we can't eat a lot of vegan recipes either, since we need to be careful with avoiding other trigger foods.

I'm hoping to get a bunch of people together and provide a place where we can make vegan recipes IBS-friendly, and a lot more. :)

Please join if you are interested: vegan_ibs


(no subject)
jesus brb lol omg
Check out thats_nasty!

This is a place for people to share their disgust/horror/annoyance at really nasty stuff, like rotting animal flesh, unrefrigerated week-old tofu, or especially ads for that first thing.

Veg Dieting Buddies
pook and bert
New community for those who would like support losing weight on a veg diet: vegdietingbuds

(no subject)
Hey! I've just created a new vegan (and vegetarian) community vegan_au for Australians!

Come join! Tell your vegan friends to join too!

Daily Granola

daily_granola isn't specifically a veggie community - but it's got its share of vegans and vegetarians.

The purpose of the community is to give 1 idea each day to help you live your life in a more "granola" way. It is a blend of politics, environmentalism, current events, and action. Admittedly, there is a liberal political slant and I understand that all vegans and vegetarians are not liberal, but I'm a liberal and I started the community so I take that liberty with it :)

Here's the veggie link with the community:

1. If you believe in environmentalism and want to put your money where your mouth is, one way to go about it is to give up meat.
2. If you oppose corporate corruption and plan to stop giving your money to companies like Coca-Cola, etc, that have horrible human rights records (among other things), you need to replace those foods with other foods. As such, you'll find 1 recipe/week in Daily Granola. Check the memories for all past recipes - most are vegetarian/vegan.

For a bird's-eye view of daily_granola, see http://www.dailygranola.com

(no subject)
jesus brb lol omg
OMG straightveg

More than sammiches, folks!
pook and bert
As if cheapvegan wasn't a funny enough name for a community, here's easyvegan for the culinarily lazy among us. Huzzah.

the huge giant list of communities (to start out with)
thanks polyphonicvegan for creating the community.

now on to the guts of my post.


this list keeps getting updated, as long as i am made aware of a new community..
if there's a related community that you feel should be here, please reply. thank you.
- Supercarrot

(last updated january 2010)

ok, the list is moved one last time to the profile of this community (so more than one person can edit it instead of just myself) feel free to still make a comment here if you come across a community that you don't see on the list, and as usual, you can also make a fresh promo post so everyone who is watching this community can see. sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase if you've already clicked a few different links to land here. i promise the profile page will be the last destination.